Sports & Games

Sports boost the ability of an individual to coordinate with others and create a sense of responsibility altogether. Thus, games are given adequate importance at KIPS College, the facilities are available for outdoor games like horse riding, cricket, swimming etc & indoor games like table tennis, badminton, karate etc.

Vibrant Student Groups

The diversity of the student body and sense of community is found at KIPS College and is reflected in a broad range of student organizations. These societies and organizations arrange different programs individually and collectively. KIPS College management facilitates the student body for arranging curricular and co-curricular activities.

Sports Society

The love of sports is very deeply embedded in our culture and its true reflection can be seen in our students at KIPS. Sports are a popular pastime for our student community who make every effort to participate in various sports activities at Provincial and National level. Cricket, football and hockey Tournaments speak volumes of the interest and efficiency of our students in sports.

Dramatic Society

The KIPS College stage has not only explored new styles, but also polished and developed its students’ acumen in stage performance. Students get lots of opportunities to show their talent during various functions held round the year.

Literary Society

Students at KIPS College are very good at finding creative ways to adapt to their surroundings. Members of this society explore intellectual mind set, refine oratory skills and enjoy social companionship.