Parent Teacher Meetings

The parent-teacher meeting is an opportunity for parents, teachers and students to discuss and evaluate a student’s progress. This is particularly required to make sure that students get support from all possible angles collectively. Parent-Guardian has to attend at least 2 of 3 PTMs to help students perform effectively in board exams.

Matchless Career Counseling

We ensure that a student counselor is just a call away to help and provide individual attention and focus to KIPS College students and their parents. The Career Counseling Department offers free career counseling services for students, in all campuses of KIPS College. Our trained counselors help our students clarify goals and guide them through the process of making decisions about their future education and career. We make all possible efforts for our students by:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Academic Counseling
  • Career Counseling

Motivational Lectures

To update our students with ever changing educational and professional trends, periodic motivational lectures are conducted in our campuses on regular basis. Lectures are delivered to:

  • Create or enhance interest of students in upcoming new trends
  • Respond to students’ misconceptions or difficulties
  • Synthesize information across a variety of issues
  • Promote right education
  • Suggest right career path


KIPS provides an intellectually challenging learning environment where students interact, share ideas and voice different point of views, ensuring that they not only gain knowledge but also learn social and communication skills, values and attitudes of regularity and punctuality. With the constant fast pace of change, our campuses are well stocked with up to date textbooks and reference materials. To develop lifelong reading habit, students are encouraged to read the books and benefit themselves on regular basis.

Knowledge of science is of no use without practical activities. Practicals enable students to apply and extend their knowledge, understanding of science subjects in novel situations which can aid learning and stimulate interest in students. All of our campuses have:

  • Well equipped laboratories
  • Latest apparatus
  • Dedicated support staff
  • BISE compliance

Comprehensive Testing System

In order to ensure that all students possess a fundamental understanding of subjects, KIPS College has designed a system where the goal is to get a true picture of evaluation of subject knowledge. The overall impact is generated by conducting:

  • Fortnightly tests
  • Send up exams
  • Revision & test Session of 90 days
  • BISE compliance